Thursday, November 19, 2009

my pal elderberry or the fabulous tales of elder mother sambucus

So I was kid sitting a few months ago, pushing sweet little twins on swings and something tapped my shoulder. I turned around and it was an elegant bushy elderberry tree asking me to harvest her deep purple berries! Naturally I obliged! The kids and I grabbed a big bowl and started picking! Each little berry so tender and delicate, our fingertips gingerly stained purple at the end of our picking. Of course we made sure to leave some berries for the birds.

Later I took the berries home and put them in a quart jar and filled it to the top with organic grain alcohol (but 100 proof vodka works just great too). Now I have my medicine for the winter!

Elderberries are anti-viral and a definite ally this cold and flu season! In fact studies have been done showing that our dear mother elder kicks tamiflu's ass as an effective flu remedy, delivering a much shorter flu recovery time. Elderberry has a high oxygen radical absorption capacity and a great deal of flavanoids that stimulate the immune system. This coupled with the fact that our lady has an anti-inflammatory compound called anthocyanins, make her an effective reliever of the aches and pains associated with the flu.

Proper dosage this winter is a teaspoon in water four to five times daily during infections and a teaspoon daily for maintenance for adults.

Make sure you have Elderberry tincture on hand this winter. She's a wise one!


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