Thursday, December 10, 2009

ahhh now i can relax

just returned home from a weekend in chicago at the renegade craft fair. it was lovely and magical and all those featherheart things! top sellers were ophelia's orange blossom lotion, harold and maude tea, lavender salve, sweet nag champa love lotion, sandalwood rose peace lotion (formerly amma's rose), patchouli salve and all my headbands. people seem to be a little afraid of the salves and they took some explaining, so just wanted to let the world know that salves are one of the most amazing things you can put on your hands! my salves are olive oil and beeswax based and are meant to be extreme healing loveliness. traditionally salves are considered to be a deep healing medicinal remedy "ointment" used topically to treat dry and other skin conditions. my salves are a little more fun than that because they smell good too -- especially the patchouli salve, which i use as a body fragrance as well. even people that hate patchouli like the way i smell! so anyway, do not fear the featherheaert trading company salve, use it like lotion and love it like i do!

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