Saturday, February 20, 2010

put oil on your face!

i was recently contacted on etsy by someone asking me about using featherheart trading co body products as an acne fighter. here's what i had to say....

i don't necessarily have a full line with cleansers and toners, but what i do offer is my lavender face and body oil. i have struggled with adult acne for years and years. it's depressing and awful i know! i started making handmade body products about 6 years ago and one day i decided to try the lavender oil on my face. i was nervous about aggravating my skin and making things worse, but i knew two things for certain:

1. often times the skin is oily because it is actually dry. dry skin on the face attempts to bring balance to itself by creating oil. usually when this happens the skin produces too much oil, thus making the face appear oily rather than dry and creating an environment for bacteria to grow.

2. lavender is a natural antiseptic, killing bacteria.

with this in mind, i started by using just a little bit of the lavender oil on my face at night. after a few days it seemed like i was seeing an improvement. i started using a little more of the oil and then i started using it in the morning and at night. now it is my primary moisturizer. not only has the oil cleared my acne, but i believe it keeps me looking young too!

others who have tried the oil have had similar results. you may have an initial break out as your skin adjusts, but try the oil for 3 or 4 weeks and see what happens! it may not be for you, but if you decide it's not, you've only made an $8 mistake versus the $20 to $100 dollars you might spend on other face and acne creams!

the lavender oil contains two ingredients -- olive oil and fresh dried organic lavender flowers. the formula is as simple as that! so not only are you getting the benefit of beautiful skin, but everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body and your body loves olive oil and lavender, unlike all the crazy ingredients in commercial face creams. your eyes can't even read the ingredients in commercial face creams and your tongue can't pronounce them. imagine what your body thinks about them! yuck.

be natural. be environmental. be the change!


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  1. I have dry skin and use this daily before bed. The lavender scent helps me relax as I drift off to sleep.