Tuesday, April 27, 2010

that's right, lavender lemonade... she's a beauty

oh lawdy, the weather's getting nicer and it is time... time for lavender lemonade! i enjoy this sinfully delicious beverage all the time at home. the subtle tartness of the lemons, the delicate floral of the lavender and the sweetness of organic sugar. i've been dreaming of a way to offer lavender lemonade to all my etsy friends all winter and last night a little lightbulb went off in my head. i packaged it up this morning and it's ready for you!!! since i've been making lemonade for years, i've got all the perfect proportions for a tall glass of this magical beverage. all you've got to do is follow the easy directions. and did you know that lavender lemonade is actually beneficial to your body? okay, i know it's got some sugar in it, but for a little yellow fruit, lemons pack a powerful healing punch. They are a natural digestion aid and an all around internal body cleanser. And better yet, lemons contain powerful anti-cancer and anti-oxidant healing properties. Lavender is not only calming, but can help with exhaustion, anxiety and digestion. dontcha need some today??



  1. i've been meaning to make lavender lemonade with nat. i myself can no longer have lemonade (boo) but i know this must be wonderful. do you have a good measure/recipe i can borrow? :)

  2. Mmmm, this sounds rather delicious!~!