Monday, May 10, 2010

adventures in what's growing in my yard...

the herbs in my yard proudly smiled for photographs today!

my pride and joy... st john's wort. i'm guessing she'll flower right around july 4th! i will harvest her flowers to make oil.

comfrey! she's a bloomin'. i will harvest her leaves for tea and poultice.

chives about to blossom! when she finally does blossom i will place her flowers in apple cider vinegar and make an incredible chive blossom vinegar that tastes out of this world. if you plan to do this too, make sure to boil your vinegar or buy pasteurized, otherwise the shelf life will only be a month or so.

cilantro! can't wait to make fresh salsa when she grows up!

dill! she's got some growing to do too!

lemon balm... will dry her for tea and harvest some fresh for tincture!

motherwort... will wait until she flowers and make a tincture. motherwort will calm your nerves, aid the female reproductive system, strengthen your heart and lower bloodpressure! study her today!!!

baby yarrow... will dry her flowers and keep them on hand for an herbal first aid kit. packing her dried flowers into a fresh wound will stop the bleeding! but oh there's so much more to do with her too!

1st year burdock... will dig her roots in july for tincture. one of the best blood purifiers i can think of!

chickweed... salad, salad, salad!!!!

so much excitement going on in my yard today. i can hardly wait to see who else is coming!

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