Saturday, October 10, 2009

introductions please!

Greetings from Featherheart! Welcome to my very first blog. I’m a crafty gal living in Ferndale, MI and I’m gonna blow your mind with all kinds of tips on health and wellness, plus I might just tell you a good gossipy story every now and then. Let’s see. . . where to begin. . . I moved back to Michigan not too long ago after spending the past 15 years in San Francisco. I sure do miss it there, but I was having dreams of owning a house, having a yard and garden and being able to park anywhere and everywhere, so I moved back to the place where I grew up last October and now a new journey has begun. While in San Francisco I spent 11 years in the music industry and 4 years teaching pole dancing. I guess you could say I like to reinvent myself every now and then. And these days I spend my time making magical jewelry and accessories using crystals, vintage lace, leather and feathers and I make totally amazing lotions, salves and oils. Everything is available at etsy. I am well studied in herbs and nutrition, so if you ever have a question just ask! I’m also a vintage clothing junkie and spend a lot of time scouring Michigan for total treasures! Last summer I lived and studied with world famous herbalist, shaman and green witch Susun Weed. What a trip that was. And I have spent lots of time hauling around musicians from my days in the music industry. That said, I have tons of good stories to tell about all of it, so tune in to a cup of chai frequently. You might get a useful health tip, some juicy celebrity gossip or a wonderfully witchy story! I’m here to share it all! And it’s gonna be good. Oh and I make the best chai tea in the world... soon to be available on etsy!



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