Monday, October 12, 2009

my pal echinacea

when i even think i might be getting a cold i reach for the echinacea ASAP. seriously, i become an echinacea freak when i feel a funky sniffle or a not so hot head-stuffyness brewing in my body. too often i hear people say, "echinacea doesn't work for me." well, that's probably because you need a LOT and most people simply don't take enough. what's a lot? well, i recommend the tincture and i recommend 3-4 dropperfuls every half hour if you're trying to kick a cold's ass. if you already have a cold i would do 3-4 dropperfuls every couple hours. a cold is no joke. i hate colds and super duper doses of echinacea have saved me tons of times.


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