Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how about some nettle infusion today?

as spring contemplates the velocity it will take to dash into the tightly held hands of winter's red rover, i feel the fairies ready to come out and play, the first tiny hands of the crocus ready to rise from the freshly thawed waking ground and the resplendent stands of nettle ready to ceremoniously unfold its arms to reveal her finely whiskered stinging leafs. in anticipation of all of this i have begun a hopeful ritual of daily nettle infusions to summon lady spring's graceful entrance perhaps a little sooner rather than later.... and as i drink my nettle infusion i remember all the good things she provides.

an infusion of nettle is gentle enough to use everyday and powerful enough to heal the storm of damage winter usually leaves in its wake. the colds, the flus, the coughs and anything else that tore the body apart these past few frigid months can finally seize the opportunity of repair with the aid of nettle. kidneys, lungs, intestines, adrenals, digestion and arteries are tonified and strengthened and gradually altered toward optimum functioning with this nourishing herbal infusion. the result is increased ease and energy in the operation of the circulatory, immune, endocrine, nervous and urinary systems, thus providing you with the joyful energy to take spring and run with her. nettles are high in iron (making them good for those with anemia), calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, amino acids, b vitamins and protein. nettles offer a mega dose of chlorophyll and are considered a blood cleanser – blood and chlorophyll only have one molecule different! nettles are a great ally for healing the kidneys and thus helpful in healing kidney stones, urinary infections, and those with threatened dialysis. they contain quercitin, which is highly anti-inflammatory and very, very good for spring allergies (and all allergies for that matter). this herb is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women (enhances the quality of breast milk) and is considered very safe. in addition, the infusion is a wonderful ally for women with night sweats, exhaustion, chronic, profuse menstrual flow and cramps. it also gives the hair, skin and nails a beautiful sheen! oats or rosehips can be added to your infusion to enhance the flavor, but i like to drink nettle as it is and savor the tasty the strong goodness of this powerful plant.

i have spoken in past blogs about how to make a nourishing herbal infusion, but as a reminder i recommend an ounce of herb to a quart of water. place dried herbs in a quart jar, boil water and pour the water into the jar filling it all the way to the top and submerging the herbs. cover with a lid and steep 4-6 hours. i like to steep overnight.


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