Friday, March 12, 2010

in honor of st patrick's day... red clover infusion!!!

in the first days of june, when summer feels like she has finally dug her barefoot heels into the midwest fertile soil fostering the hearty blooms of freshly sprung greenery, the fuzzy purple flower of the red clover stands tall like a goddess and reminds me to savor the days of my favorite season. with her permission, i love to gather the heads of the red clover flower in a woven wood basket from fields far and wide. i collect and dry these beautiful and subtly fragrant blossoms to make a nourishing herbal infusion. and in the winter when i drink the tea nectar of the red clover blossom, i am reminded of all my summer meanderings.

red clover infusion is wonderfully medicinal and delicious hot or cold. it is a vitamin and mineral dense herb, but in my mind, it is most strongly associated with cancer prevention, cancer treatment and infertility. red clover's powers include a long list of loving optimum health support. she helps alkalinize the blood and has antispasmodic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects. red clover is especially useful in combating hormonal cancers and has anti-tumor compounds. no less than 33 different cultures around the world use red clover blossoms when cancer is suspected or diagnosed. when taking for cancer, consume two to four cups of the infusion daily. red clover contains a significant amount of antioxidants – especially vitamin e. she is vitamin and mineral rich with abundant amounts of b vitamins, c, calcium, chromium, magnesium, potassium and protein. when dealing with coughs, colds and bronchial congestion, drink the infusion liberally. red clover infusion is an excellent tonic for menopausal women (reducing night sweats and hot flashes), as well as an unsurpassed fertility herb (2 to 4 cups daily for at least six weeks). it helps regulate the menstrual cycle, but due to it’s blood thinning characteristics, should be avoided by women who bleed heavily -- but, because of red clover’s blood thinning ability, it has a great reputation for preventing strokes. it's wonderful for new mommies, as it replenishes minerals lost during pregnancy and lactation and helps a mother stay calm and feel good. in general, drinking red clover infusion is an easy way to introduce an amazing amount of nourishment into the body.

so many ways this herb can nurture the body and this list only scratches the surface of what she is capable of!!! make an infusion with dried red clover blossoms today and if you need help making an infusion keep reading. i detail infusion instructions several places in previous blogs. you can gather and dry red clover blossoms yourself or purchase dried from your local herb store or source.



  1. sounds wonderful! i am totally trying this for fertility purposes. hope my local health food store might carry it. does it only work as an infusion from the fresh red clover, or would packaged red clover tea work too, i wonder.

  2. yes! so many women have found red clover infusion effective for fertility. i recommend buying red clover in bulk from either a local health food store or online at moutain rose herbs. buy the blossoms. the infusion needs to be strong -- an ounce of herb to a quart of water. make it in a quart jar for ease and drink a quart daily. if you'd like you can add a pinch of peppermint to the infusion. peppermint is a sexual stimulant.